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AAi -parent company: FGXi

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The original info as found in Dec 2007 on the US Trademark Site was that the trademark was "Live" and registered in 1988.    It was registered by Accessories Associates Inc with the last listed owner as FGX International Inc.

May 2009 update: FGX International cancelled the trademark with the US Trademark Site in January of 2009.     In May they publicly stated that they are intending to sell their entire jewelry division. 

The only jewelry trademark that is listed as "Live" for FGX is "Pure Expressions", however the status for that trademark has not been updated since 2005. 


FGX International's website had some info on their AAi Jewelry brand in 2007.   It describes the AAi Jewelry Division as a "multi-channel design, development and logistic resource that excels in supporting large volume proprietary product programs in fashion jewelry" 

and, in a press release from 2006 on their website they say that "FGXI and AAi Jewelry products are distributed primarily to mass merchandisers, specialty and department stores in support of retailers private brand programs"

On Dec 6, 2007, the reported in the quarterly report that costume jewelry sales were downcompared to the year before.   They say that "the decline in costume jewelry sales in the quarter and nine month period versus the prior year resulted from the Company's strategic decision not to seek lower margin promotional business from a major customer and instead focus on higher margin replenishable jewelry items"


Googling AAi, I found an interesting story about a lawsuit filed in 1994 by Gerry's Creation against Walmart and AAi.   Apparently Gerry's claimed that they supplied a sample of 168 pins in it's fall and Christmas lines to a WalMart buyer in Feb 1994.  it futher alleges that the buyer and an AAi representative traveled to China, where AAi had unauthorized copies of the samples made.  AAi substituted its name on the pins for that of Gerry's, the suit charges.  AAi then had an unknown quantity of pins made in its factory in China for sale to Walmart and others, Gerry's alleges. 



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